Transformation of financial markets and financial systems in the digital economy
On October 20, 2022, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation hosted the International Scientific and Practical Conference with the participation of the Bank of Russia.
Quicktoken platform as a driver of financial sector restructuring

We live in a high-tech world of finance, the state of which, as the crises of recent years have shown, determines the state of the global economy.
The financial market today
Feb 14 · 8 min read
Impact of the Quicktoken platform on market risk
Hi everyone who is interested in the Quicktoken platform! Today, as promised, we are going to talk about how the new financial instrument offered by the platform changes the established stereotypes in such a complex area for the ordinary investor as risk.
We continue to acquaint you with our Quicktoken platform, its potential possibilities and directions of development.
Quicktoken platform versatility
One of the most important conditions for the development of the economy is the presence of the credit market [1], which is the largest segment of the financial market.
Comparison of Banking and Peer-to-Peer Lending Risks
Mar 4 · 3 min read
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Let’s start with ice cream! Let initial financial assets of different values be given — flavors of ice cream, each with its own mass.
A new kind of token for the Quicktoken platform
Today we are going to talk about why the new financial instrument being formed on the platform has reliability and how this reliability can be measured.
Reliability theory for the token package
How the Quicktoken platform works — issuing token packages
Hi everyone who is interested in the new Quicktoken financial platform! Today, we will explain how the platform creates packages of tokens from a bank’s loan portfolio.
Mar 6 · 2 min read
The optimal portfolio sale task
Good time of the day! The Quicktoken team is on, and today we’re going to talk about the task of generating packages. What does it consist of?
Hi all, we are continuing to explore the functionality of the Quicktoken platform. So, we have generated token packages from the bank’s loan portfolio. What’s next? Should we wait for the packages to be redeemed? Of course not!
How the Quicktoken platform works — exchange of token packages
Greetings to everyone who is interested in the Quicktoken platform! Today, as promised, we will cover the redemption procedure for token packages, the issue and the secondary market for which has been described in the previous two announcements.
How the Quicktoken platform works — redemption of token packages
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Mar 10 · 3 min read
Meet the QuickToken Team
The QuickToken team follows the latest trends in the crypto industry and develops different kinds of services that improve the accessibility of new technologies for both regular and commercial customers.
Our portfolio includes numerous projects. Some of them are really complex solutions, including those in the B2G segment.
Apr 17 · 5 min read