Hi all, we are continuing to explore the functionality of the Quicktoken platform. So, we have generated token packages from the bank’s loan portfolio. What’s next? Should we wait for the packages to be redeemed? Of course not! As a reminder, all token packages (in one issue) are the same, which means that they can be treated as a marketable commodity (like an ounce of gold or a barrel of oil, for example) and traded on the exchange, which is also part of the Quicktoken platform services.

What is the difference between such an exchange and conventional electronic exchanges? Obviously, there’s nothing! What is the point of creating new entities, if there are well-known, time-tested mechanisms? That’s why we have implemented a standard algorithm for exchange trading on the platform. This algorithm is shown on the slide.
How the Quicktoken platform works — exchange of token packages
April 18
Imagine for a moment that, after a while, our Quicktoken platform began serving a large number of different financial institutions (banks, insurance and factoring companies, large and small sellers, etc.). The Quicktoken platform exchange app is easily installed on any mobile device, and tens, hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers are connected to it. Every second, packages of tokens are bought and sold, and every owner of a package can sell it at any moment at the market price.

As a result, our financial instrument has effectively become an on-demand instrument. The astute reader may wonder: what will happen to the profitability of token packages if they can be bought and sold at any time, and at the time of redemption, such packages guarantee a predetermined return to the investor? As you may remember, such instruments existing on the market do not provide the investor with any guaranteed return.

This is not the case with the Quicktoken platform. Our financial instrument is both liquid and provides the investor with a guaranteed return. This is another fundamental advantage that promotes the development of the Quicktoken platform.

Next time, we will cover the token blockchain redemption process, which completes the description of the Quicktoken platform’s technology. Follow our publications and see you soon!