Hi everyone who is interested in the new Quicktoken financial platform! Today, we will explain how the platform creates packages of tokens from a bank’s loan portfolio. That is, in other words, how what is called tokenization happens. The whole process is shown schematically on the slide.
How the Quicktoken platform works — issuing token packages
May 6
In previous announcements, we have already looked at how a special algorithm works that “slices” each loan in the bank’s portfolio into many small and identical parts — tokens. Now we see how it works in practice.

The generated packages of tokens are sold on the platform to investors, and the funds received are transferred by the platform to the Bank. As a result, the Bank receives a resource that it can lend out again in the form of loans (i.e. can operate as an intermediary bank and earn profits that are many times higher than the bank’s profits in the classic lending model).

Next, we will look at how the secondary market works for token packages and the process of redemption of such packages in 3–6 months from the time of issuance.

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