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We continue to acquaint you with our Quicktoken platform, its potential possibilities and directions of development.
Quicktoken platform versatility
June 14
As you have probably already noted, the idea of creating the Quicktoken platform was not born from scratch. Securitization itself, and in particular various methods of forming optimal portfolios consisting of different assets, have been known for quite some time. However, it was the presence of Blockchain technology that gave them an additional impetus and resulted in a fundamentally new universal financial instrument.

What is its versatility?

Look closely at the financial relationships between participants in the market that occur every second of the day. At any given moment, thousands of subjects (let us call them sellers) sell their products or services to other subjects (let us call them buyers).

What does the buyer want to get? Obviously, the buyer wants to get a quality product/service, preferably at the lowest possible price, with maximum installments and without any additional fees for handling the installments.

What the seller wants is money, money and money again, and the sooner the better, so that he can use it to grow his business.
It is clear that these are diametrically opposed desires and without compromise (which is the market price of the goods/services) the transaction is not possible. Helping to reach such a compromise and making the market price of the commodity more acceptable to both parties by attracting outside investors is the core competence of the Quicktoken platform.

The article “Financial Instruments Generation via Tokenization into Commodity” details the various applications for the Quicktoken platform. These include tokenization:
· commercial banks’ loan portfolios
· bank liabilities (bills, bonds, and deposits)
· P2P, P2B, B2B lending platforms
· property lease agreements
· enterprise accounts payable
· receivables from large corporations
· Regulatory bank lombard credit portfolios

It should be noted that this is not a closed list and it will be supplemented. For example, it can already include reinsurance transactions where the reinsurer is not another insurance company but the investors who bought token packages on the platform.

The astute reader has probably already guessed that tokens of a different nature can be included in the same package (e.g. from bank loans, factoring and reinsurance) and as a result, the risk of default on the package will only be lower for the investor (because the more different tokens in the package, the safer the package)!

That’s exactly right. That is the ultimate goal of the Quicktoken platform, which should fundamentally change the existing financial market. So, versatility is the first fundamental basis for the development of a new tool.

We will continue to introduce you to the features of the platform.

In the next announcement, we will explain how financial regulators (central banks, the Fed, etc.) approach the Quicktoken platform and how the platform can reduce investors’ risks on a global level.

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